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Business Transformation Services

Do not Impede your growth! Have a Scale Up Plan

Customers and Employees are core to any business and bringing in the right set of practices sets the business on the right path.

The transformation of any business is bound to change multiple elements, whether its relationship between stakeholders, employee connect & engagement, perception of products/services, pricing, and delivery. ENSCONCE helps organizations adapt and sail through these changes successfully.

Our Vision and Mission is also aligned to this very concept of helping the organizations to build their Capabilities while strengthening their Brand, Customer, and Employee Functions.

Any organization, when at the cusp of growth and scale looks for transformation.

Companies looking for Strategic Partnerships, looking to expand their Operations in other geographical locations through Mergers or Acquisitions can approach ENSCONCE.

We invest considerable time and effort with every Client / Customer initially. Next, a thorough due diligence exercise is planned, initiated and executed, with ease and dexterity, when we start our engagement; which incidentally has been our USP.

Business Process Management

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business & Operational Planning
  • Delivery & Process Improvements
  • Business Workflow Management
  • Streamlining Customer Communications

Organizational Performance

  • Overall Performance/ Culture
  • Organizational Metrics/ KPIs
  • Service Design and Agreements
  • Governance Practices
  • Customer Engagement Practices

People & HR Transformation Services

  • Internal Branding, Repositioning
  • Customer/Vendor Governance
  • RACI, Role Capabilities/ Enhancement
  • Employee Management Guidelines
  • Employee Goals, KPIs/ Expectation Setting

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ENSCONCE Business Process Consulting Services
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