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Mission & Vision

Strengthen your Value Chain
Build on your Operational Capabilities and eliminate Business Wastes

The word ENSCONCE means to establish or settle someone/something in a comfortable place and that is what all the clients who are associated with the company over the years have felt after leveraging their services.

Right Business Practices; continually improved is both a need and a strategy because it enables success by proactively adapting to a dynamic business environment and thriving in the vast opportunity it offers. Right Governance Practices helps organizations remain focused, and enables their people and processes to evolve constantly.

Roadmap Planning, Strategizing, Execution Plans plays a key role to promote the best course of action to achieve the desired results against high level defined goals of your business. Also, Right value System develops the Organization & its employees over time and the results are visible with every Customer Interaction.

Organizations, on an average lose 20% to 30% revenue year on year due to operational inefficiencies, thus slowing them down and hampering their ability to grow and scale. Even if they achieve scale, often, they struggle to maintain the quality of their products or services. Why do organizations struggle when they grow?

Most of the organizations do not realize that their Back Office Operations are equally important as their Front End/Revenue generating functions.
Change is inevitable. However, if change is not managed well, it creates friction within the system and hinders smooth functioning.
Culture of the Organization can be an enabler or barrier to an organization’s growth. This is often an afterthought.

ENSCONCE BUSINESS PROCESS CONSULTING SERVICES, is one of the trusted SME Service Advisors that is helping businesses leap in their transformational journey.

Mission, vision & Values

our Vision

To provide Services globally to enable, nurture, and empower Professionals, Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises to achieve their vision


To CREATE and SPREAD the culture of Continuous Improvement and further help Individuals and Organizations to accelerate their Growth & Profitability


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How do we help ?

ENSCONCE functions like your own extended team and brings strategic approach and needed processes & handholding to streamline your business efforts in all the three areas of Company Establishment, Company Processes, and Company Marketing Efforts. We bring in the holistic approach to your development without compromising any of these areas of business development.

Offload your Professional, Planning, Management, and Execution challenges to us and focus on your GROWTH.

We are here to provide growth analysis, highlight critical success factors per past performances, then support Small and Medium Businesses - to Streamline and help through different stages of the business life cycle; control your growth impediments.

ENSCONCE has been passionately evangelizing this important aspect while bringing awareness and practices for pro-active and continuous focus on process and culture

WHY is it tougher for MSMEs to sustain or grow ?

Traditional Small and Mid-size organizations do not have enough funding to hire skilled and experienced professionals all the time. Amidst the run of constant effort to grow the business, they do not realize the importance of investing in Process controls early on in their journey. They are so busy with their day-to-day transactions, that they fail to put in the desired effort to consciously focus on process improvements. When they become stagnant or unable to grow, the alarm bells start ringing.

By then their established processes are so deeply entrenched in their system that it becomes their culture. The change to recovery from this phase is possible but certainly not easy. Organizations face friction from their employees who resist change during this phase. This is a vicious cycle and many MSMEs fall into the trap of non-performance.

ENSCONCE's tailor-made approach helps organizations accelerate their growth trajectory through

Process & HR Transformation with a core focus on building capabilities
Implementing governance structures, streamlining execution
Improving their customer experience

Organizations need to build their brand both internally and externally while they transform themselves. ENSCONCE brings in the right mix of planning, transformation, branding, and marketing services to help companies build

Operational Competencies
Process Control
Brand Identity
Customer base
Confidence of delivery

Are you on the growth path?

Now is your chance to evaluate. Plan your consultation today! Call us to discover yourself and redefine your growth strategies.

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